We offer a broad array of professional development services, tools, and consulting that enable teachers to meet their improvement goals. Our field-tested and research-validated services produce results in multiple school and district contexts.

How are our services different? We work with you to select the tools, strategies, and consulting services your school requires for yearly success, continually reviewing your school data to make improvement gains. We also align our work to your existing school improvement plans, such as district or state literacy programs.

Our customized partnership plans incorporate the professional development services, classroom resources, and evaluation tools that are right for your context and needs.

Key areas of support include

Collaborative Inquiry: Developing Intentional, Schoolwide Planning Processes and Protocols

  • “Gap analysis” to identify strategic values
  • Weekly classroom visits by Galef consultants
  • Discussions with teachers, students, administrators, community partners, and parents

Professional Development for Enhancing and Accelerating Schoolwide Literacy, Math, and Science Achievement

  • Data-based planning of professional development services (review reports and student, teacher, and school data)
  • Accelerating effective instruction through a series of mini-workshops, study groups, co-teaching/debriefing, observation, grade-level planning, and analysis of student work
  • Accelerating internal capacity for schoolwide results by implementing our step-by-step capacity-building coaching process
  • Enhancing the adult learning and coaching skills and strategies of the school’s internal coaches to ensure schoolwide impact
  • Accelerating effective literacy, math, and science instruction in classrooms through a series of mini-workshops, study groups, co-teaching/debriefing, and grade-level planning
  • Accelerating basic skills mastery for students in levels 1 and 2 (remedial tools)

Leadership Development Focused on Results

  • Coaching principals in instructional leadership in the No Child Left Behind context
  • Coaching the instructional leadership team
  • Supporting advanced leadership development

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